Access Control

Getting Started / Access Control

If you want to implement an application using the hetras API, you can immediately start to explore the API with the demo application credentials you can find in the Authentication section. You do not have to be a member of a hetras customer account.

To implement your application using data for a specfic hotel chain you need to be invited to the proper customer account first. Please ask a representative of the chain or get in contact with our API Team. Tell them what application you want to build and once approved by the hotel chain you will get an invite by mail. After you signed up you will be able to log in to the developer portal in the scope of the hotel chain.


Logged in with your account on the hetras Developer Portal, you will be able to manage your applications and API-Keys and see statistics about the API usage for your applications.


hetras operates two environments. One is called the certification environment which can be used to develop and test your application. The second environment is the production one. The appropriate base URLs are the following:


Certification Process

After your signup you will get credentials for an application which is setup to access a copy of production data of the hotel chain you signed up for in the certification environment.

hetras certification process

When you are done with the implementation you have to go through a certification process with a hetras Solution Developer or Implementation Specialist. This process is very informal and for simple applications can be completed on one day:

  1. Provide us a set of test cases covering the scenarios or use cases of your application.
  2. We at hetras will review the test cases and optionally schedule a run-through session. Depending on the complexity of the application the hotel chain might also appoint a representative to take part in the review process.
  3. Based on experience and best practices there might come up some change requests from us or the hotel chain to improve the application behaviour and avoid predictable errors like getting throttled.
  4. When finally everybody declares your application as production ready we will prepare an aplication authorized for the hetras production environment and give you access to it on the developer portal.

Deploy an instance of your application, configure it to connect to the production URL and adjust the app-id and app-key. Congratulations, you are done!